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To Buy or Not To Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds

Mobile Legends is an addictive MOBA game for smartphone and tablet devices. If you fell in love with DOTA or League of Legends then for sure you will also love this game as it it well thought game with amazing graphics, unique heroes and skills set, and mouth-watering skins that you can use to customize your best pick hero.

This game is a free to play game where you can compete with other online users around the world. Your main objective is to gain higher divisions or rankings and at the same time max out your account level, complete all the heroes, skins, and the needed emblems that will give you a great advantage during team fights.

This game is available both Android and iOS for free, although there are in-app purchase available such as starlight member some sort of VIP, and diamonds which are similar to gems in Clash of Clans. There’s no way to get these items, only battle points is available as a reward for completing achievements, unlocking quests, and chest everday and forgot to mention that you have also chance to get tickets that can be used to purchased epic skins. This feature is just recently added, because in the past the only way to get skins is through buying them using diamonds, but now you can get them by playing mini-games and win awesome prizes such as hero epics skins using tickets.

Battle points is the main currency in the game that you can use to buy heroes, although it is not easy to earn as you will only get less than hundred every successful win and chest rewards. FYI, it would take 15-20 days for you save 24000 or 32000 battle points which is the regular price for Heroes. Depending if you are active enough completing every quest available then you can hit that target. That’s why many users decided to load their account either using PayPal or credit card and purchased a huge amount of diamonds to purchase a hero or skin.

Those are the days when everything needs to be purchased, as recently I have discovered this very cool website called Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Generator. It allows you to get almost unlimited amount of diamonds definitely for free! Yes, you just need to follow their simple instructions in their site and wait for your rewards to get credit to your Mobile Legends account. In addition, this website also gives free battle points, not just diamonds to be used on purchasing or unlocking new heroes. I would suggest go check it out now while it still working because I’m really sure there’s no permanent in this world, only change is permanent. Share your experience down below and I’m excited to hear your thoughts about this MOBA.