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Pokemon Games That I’ve Played

I’ve been playing Pokemon way back 2008 and the first Pokemon I played that time was the Yellow version for original gameboy. I was also able to play other versions such as Pokomen Red version, Blue version. Playing the game is so addicting and I was able to catch all 150 pokemons even the hardest to catch, which is Mew. I was able to catch this pokemon using a certain glitch that I’ve found after searching a bunch of resources and references in Google. Thank goodness, after almost hundred times of trying I was able to do the trick and Mew showed in the grassland near lavender town and that experienced was really magnificent as I was able to complete all the pokemons required to finish the game.

Playing the game for almost 2 years is not easy. I need to trade pokemon with a friend using a physical link transfer every weekends, because during that time wireless transfer or online transfer is not develop by that time.

I have also played higher versions including Pokemon Crystal, Silver, and Gold using a gameboy color and gameboy advanced, but I was not able to catch all of them as catching Celebi is the most impossible thing that you can do. I have found a bunch of cheats for this but all didn’t work. It seems that this is an event pokemon, that can only be acquired through a legitimate nintendo event. So to cut the story, short I was only able to get 250 pokemons, but still the feeling was really awesome and I’m proud on my hard work for that.

After playing these particular versions of the game. I also manage to play Sapphire and Ruby, where groudon and kyogre are the cover of the game. I was also tried Fire Red, Leaf Green and those game titles are really wonderful remake of the original version.

The only games that  I was not able to play are the ones that you can play using Nintendo DS and 3DS, but hopefully in the future I can buy a gamingconsole for that to test those games as I’m really a pokemon fanatic. How about you what versions of Pokemon have you played in the past?