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One Piece Treasure Cruise Mobile Game


Have you played Pockie Pirates before using Facebook account? If yes then you want to see this latest One Piece game called One Piece Treasure Cruise for android and iOS.

I’m a fan of One Piece manga series and I love all stuff related to this anime. From collectibles, movies, OVA, action figures, posters, and specially video games as I can see special skills by characters that are not yet aired on T.V or online. It’s like you will have an idea what particular set of skills this character as you know there are lot of mysterious characters in the anime such as Shanks and his pirate crew, Mihawk, marines, revolutionary army members, blackbeard pirates, and so much more.

This game has a a 4.6 ratings in Google PlayStore and its characters are up to date to latest manga and anime’ series. Basically you start by gathering crew members, powering them up using various cards, and now you can also evolve them to unlock new skills. One good example of evolution is when you start you will have access to a younger Luffy, as you evolve him in the game. You will unlock when he first learned gear 2nd, gear 3rd, and other skills.

As far as I know the latest update of the game already features Luffy’s latest special power which is the gear 4th Boundman “Bounce Man”.

Once you have recruited new crew members using rainbow gems. You can go to a specific island and you need to clear the stages by defeating 3-4 swarm of enemies and finally a boss to that island.

The game story line is very similar to original anime, you will be given a chance to relive the game as Luffy’s story. Rainbow gems is very important to the game and you can get this when you complete a quest or event. Other means of getting this is by reloading your account and using real money.But if you don’t have credit card or PayPal account I suggest check out this One Piece Treasure Cruise Rainbow Gems Hack, where you can get free belly and rainbow gems for free. I have tested this site twice and I can say my account is still working fine and I wasn’t suspended or haven’t received any warnings for the game.

Once you have gather 6 crew members which are powerful. You can easily progress with the game as you will be able to clear quests much easier compared when you just along or have 1-2 crew mates.

There are also tandem attacks where you will be able to attack using all of your characters simultaneously making serious damage to your opponent. This can be used when there’s a connection with the crew members you are using. Let’s say all of your crew are strawhat pirates then Tandem attack can be used easily.

Other cool feature is that you will be able to invite guest crew member that can assist you in game using friend points which can also accumulated in the game. To know more about this addictive game, go to your mobile PlayStore/AppStore and search for “One Piece Treasure Cruise”, download it and see you on the game. If you are a 100% One Piece fanatic, you’ll definitely love this game.