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What Is You Reason for Playing Video Games?


A person who plays a game have their own reasons. Whether as a relaxation tool to free their-selves from stress, other treat gaming as their passion, or simply you just want to have a bonding with your friend, or compete to them beating their overall score or rankings, divisions, etc.

On the other hand, there are gamers who only feel to play selected game genre, some love first person shooting games, while other likes role playing games. There are also gamers who are just interested with mind games or puzzle games. How about you? what kind of gamer are you?

Playing video games in your smartphone, in your computer or laptop, or in your tv screen has a very simple purpose and that’s to relax your brain from certain reason. It could be stress from school, stress from work, or you just want to play to make your brain more productive.

According to studies, playing games in all sort have health benefits. Like for instance when I feel stressed at my work, I just play 1-2 hours and after that I feel refreshed and as is I can continue on my working schedule and be more productive because my mind was already relax and I can use my brain to a greater extent.

While other gamers treat this as their passion and many of the gamers are earning a huge amount of money by competing on their respective league, such as tournament like the popular game DOTA 2, League of Legends, where in they compete for other countries and win huge prizes.

Majority of the contestants are age 15-20 and they are actually in high school or college but because of their passion for gaming, they have seen great potential and awesome decision-making skills through-out the game.

Let me know what’s the reason you play games? If you have very interesting ideas to share just contact me using the contact us page or just leave a comment down below and I would be happy to share your story here in my blog.