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Earn Money While Playing Games

I’ m sure you already heard this from someone that gaming is actually one of the growing business for some other countries specially in Asia. These companies are hiring individuals that can play the game also called as pilot. They need to play someone’s account, level it up, complete a bunch of quests without dying, and make the characters or heroes stronger.

If you love gaming and don’t look into a high paying job, then you can try this one. The fact that you are enjoying playing games, plus the potential of earning while you enjoy what you are doing is a win-win situation right?

Most requested games genres that fall under this kind of business are actually online RPG games, massive multiplayer online games, and majority are desktop pc games. For the past few months I’ve been also seeing some smartphone gaming services as you know that gaming in our smart devices is becoming popular each day because of the powerful smartphones released by Taiwan and Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

One of the best brands I know and based from reviews from users are the Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi. These devices can stand toe to toe with premium brands in the market, half the price its counterpart in terms of specifications and other features.

Aside from this playing other game account, there are also professional work such as game developers for android and PC, as well as game tester and bug fixer who also play the game to see what needs to be improved or change.