So, that is that, you have your mat

Not just any mat. Not your front door mat, nor the kitchen mat your cat likes to rest its paws on while you fix the dinner. Speaking of fixing, this is where a great many of you like to spend your time over weekends, tinkering about on your latest DIY project or the things that really need to get fixed up around the place.

There’s no other place on your property, and there’s no place like it. Not only have you been able to clear a little nook for yourself, but it’s also become something of a sanctuary for you. It’s all peace and quiet for you in the back of your garage as you get on with your latest projects.

Things are pretty jacked up now that you are able to focus with nothing or no one to disturb you. Unless, of course, you’ve got some hands around to help you, or you’ve got your stereo stacked on the shelf high up out of the way. Yes, music does help to while away the time too. Not that you mind. Before you know it, it’s time to pack up for the night and head back inside.

Dinner is on the table. You’re taking a while. The place is a mess. It’s going to be messy, however way you look at it, especially if you’re one of those guys who love to tinker around with automobiles. A special pet project of yours. Or a neighborly good deed. Your garage oil mat works pretty well for everything else too. If it can keep mucky oil from soiling your garage floor, it can keep the floor protected from any other kind of mess and debris too.

garage oil mat

And it’s so easy to clean as well.