Questions To Ask When Hiring a Home Health Agency

Quality in home care provides patients with the helping hand they need to make it through each day without the need for a skilled nursing facility. But, choosing the best company to provide in home care lansing is not as easy as some would like. As long as the time to research and ask lots of questions is taken, you can find a great agency to provide care. Ask the following questions when hiring an agency to ensure that you get the best for the job.

Q1: How Long Have You Been in Business?

Choose an in home care agency that brings years of experience to the job. The more experience the company offers, the more at ease you will feel using their services.

Q2: Do You Accept Medicaid/Medicare?

Most elderly Americans receive Medicaid or Medicare insurance assistance. If this situation applies in your life, your loved one may be able to use this coverage to ease some of the costs of in home care. This varies widely from company to company, so do inquire ahead of time.

Q3: What Type of Training do Your Caregivers Receive?

Caregivers should receive regular training to ensure they’re always providing patients with the best care. The training varies from one company to another but is certainly helpful. You can feel that your loved one is in good hands when the caregiver receives regular training.

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Q4:  Can I Choose My Caregiver?

Most agencies allow you to choose the caregiver that comes into the home to provide care. Make sure this is an option that is available from the company that you work with. Not every caregiver is compatible with every patient. You don’t want things to get off on the wrong foot simply because you had the wrong caregiver there.