To Buy or Not To Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds

Mobile Legends is an addictive MOBA game for smartphone and tablet devices. If you fell in love with DOTA or League of Legends then for sure you will also love this game as it it well thought game with amazing graphics, unique heroes and skills set, and mouth-watering skins that you can use to customize your best pick hero.

This game is a free to play game where you can compete with other online users around the world. Your main objective is to gain higher divisions or rankings and at the same time max out your account level, complete all the heroes, skins, and the needed emblems that will give you a great advantage during team fights.

This game is available both Android and iOS for free, although there are in-app purchase available such as starlight member some sort of VIP, and diamonds which are similar to gems in Clash of Clans. There’s no way to get these items, only battle points is available as a reward for completing achievements, unlocking quests, and chest everday and forgot to mention that you have also chance to get tickets that can be used to purchased epic skins. This feature is just recently added, because in the past the only way to get skins is through buying them using diamonds, but now you can get them by playing mini-games and win awesome prizes such as hero epics skins using tickets.

Battle points is the main currency in the game that you can use to buy heroes, although it is not easy to earn as you will only get less than hundred every successful win and chest rewards. FYI, it would take 15-20 days for you save 24000 or 32000 battle points which is the regular price for Heroes. Depending if you are active enough completing every quest available then you can hit that target. That’s why many users decided to load their account either using PayPal or credit card and purchased a huge amount of diamonds to purchase a hero or skin.

Those are the days when everything needs to be purchased, as recently I have discovered this very cool website called Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Generator. It allows you to get almost unlimited amount of diamonds definitely for free! Yes, you just need to follow their simple instructions in their site and wait for your rewards to get credit to your Mobile Legends account. In addition, this website also gives free battle points, not just diamonds to be used on purchasing or unlocking new heroes. I would suggest go check it out now while it still working because I’m really sure there’s no permanent in this world, only change is permanent. Share your experience down below and I’m excited to hear your thoughts about this MOBA.

Earn Money While Playing Games

I’ m sure you already heard this from someone that gaming is actually one of the growing business for some other countries specially in Asia. These companies are hiring individuals that can play the game also called as pilot. They need to play someone’s account, level it up, complete a bunch of quests without dying, and make the characters or heroes stronger.

If you love gaming and don’t look into a high paying job, then you can try this one. The fact that you are enjoying playing games, plus the potential of earning while you enjoy what you are doing is a win-win situation right?

Most requested games genres that fall under this kind of business are actually online RPG games, massive multiplayer online games, and majority are desktop pc games. For the past few months I’ve been also seeing some smartphone gaming services as you know that gaming in our smart devices is becoming popular each day because of the powerful smartphones released by Taiwan and Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

One of the best brands I know and based from reviews from users are the Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi. These devices can stand toe to toe with premium brands in the market, half the price its counterpart in terms of specifications and other features.

Aside from this playing other game account, there are also professional work such as game developers for android and PC, as well as game tester and bug fixer who also play the game to see what needs to be improved or change.

The Sims FreePlay Alternatives

The Sims FreePlay game is the latest addition to the Sims game series. It can be played using various gaming platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, and WebOS.  This game is one of the best real-time online simulation game that you can play right now. It is a free to play game, but there are premium items that can be purchased called Simoleons which can help you progress with the game much faster as you can complete missions, quests, without the need to wait for several hours or even days. To know more about the importance of Simoleons to the game, jump through the link to and how you can get free simoleons easily.

Here are the Sims alternative games that you can download if you already finished the game. This games are a great ways to kill time while waiting for the next released of the Sims game.

Second Life

This game is an online virtual world simulation game similar to Sims. It was launched 23th of June year 2003. The game became hit and gathered 1 million regular users for its 1st year alone. From the name itself, Second Life the game lets you live in a virtual world for the 2nd time where you choose a life that you can play into. Let’s say you would like to live the life of an animal, a monster like Vampire, a real human, or even a robot. Sounds amazing, isn’t? You will be able to choose your life from various characters and you can also customise your character according to your desire.

There are also quests that you need to complete and chatting with other online players is also possible through out the game. Build your lovely home, visit a virtual friend’s house, buy furnitures and stuff. etc. The possibilities are endless.


Smeet is also a online simulation game,  but this time it is a browser based free-to-play game. You can also mingle with other online users, solve quests, customise your character, decorate your own room, you can also have a pet or a fictional pet. Inside the game unique feature allows you to play several mini-games such as Astro Shooter, and card games. Like no other games, Smeet also have a membership plan or called as VIP member for a fixed monthly fee. Users who avail this can get awesome benefits and rewards through out the whole subscription period while enjoying the game.


IMVU is also a browser-based simulation game that can be played online with other users. This MMORPG game allows you to explore a huge open virtual world, meet new online friends and communicate with them through chat. You can also required to finish quests, and has the ability to play co-op with friends. Other unique features of the game allows you to craft various items that you can use. According to Wikipedia, the game had already acquired millions of users from its launch date.


Pokemon Games That I’ve Played

I’ve been playing Pokemon way back 2008 and the first Pokemon I played that time was the Yellow version for original gameboy. I was also able to play other versions such as Pokomen Red version, Blue version. Playing the game is so addicting and I was able to catch all 150 pokemons even the hardest to catch, which is Mew. I was able to catch this pokemon using a certain glitch that I’ve found after searching a bunch of resources and references in Google. Thank goodness, after almost hundred times of trying I was able to do the trick and Mew showed in the grassland near lavender town and that experienced was really magnificent as I was able to complete all the pokemons required to finish the game.

Playing the game for almost 2 years is not easy. I need to trade pokemon with a friend using a physical link transfer every weekends, because during that time wireless transfer or online transfer is not develop by that time.

I have also played higher versions including Pokemon Crystal, Silver, and Gold using a gameboy color and gameboy advanced, but I was not able to catch all of them as catching Celebi is the most impossible thing that you can do. I have found a bunch of cheats for this but all didn’t work. It seems that this is an event pokemon, that can only be acquired through a legitimate nintendo event. So to cut the story, short I was only able to get 250 pokemons, but still the feeling was really awesome and I’m proud on my hard work for that.

After playing these particular versions of the game. I also manage to play Sapphire and Ruby, where groudon and kyogre are the cover of the game. I was also tried Fire Red, Leaf Green and those game titles are really wonderful remake of the original version.

The only games that  I was not able to play are the ones that you can play using Nintendo DS and 3DS, but hopefully in the future I can buy a gamingconsole for that to test those games as I’m really a pokemon fanatic. How about you what versions of Pokemon have you played in the past?

One Piece Treasure Cruise Mobile Game


Have you played Pockie Pirates before using Facebook account? If yes then you want to see this latest One Piece game called One Piece Treasure Cruise for android and iOS.

I’m a fan of One Piece manga series and I love all stuff related to this anime. From collectibles, movies, OVA, action figures, posters, and specially video games as I can see special skills by characters that are not yet aired on T.V or online. It’s like you will have an idea what particular set of skills this character as you know there are lot of mysterious characters in the anime such as Shanks and his pirate crew, Mihawk, marines, revolutionary army members, blackbeard pirates, and so much more.

This game has a a 4.6 ratings in Google PlayStore and its characters are up to date to latest manga and anime’ series. Basically you start by gathering crew members, powering them up using various cards, and now you can also evolve them to unlock new skills. One good example of evolution is when you start you will have access to a younger Luffy, as you evolve him in the game. You will unlock when he first learned gear 2nd, gear 3rd, and other skills.

As far as I know the latest update of the game already features Luffy’s latest special power which is the gear 4th Boundman “Bounce Man”.

Once you have recruited new crew members using rainbow gems. You can go to a specific island and you need to clear the stages by defeating 3-4 swarm of enemies and finally a boss to that island.

The game story line is very similar to original anime, you will be given a chance to relive the game as Luffy’s story. Rainbow gems is very important to the game and you can get this when you complete a quest or event. Other means of getting this is by reloading your account and using real money.But if you don’t have credit card or PayPal account I suggest check out this One Piece Treasure Cruise Rainbow Gems Hack, where you can get free belly and rainbow gems for free. I have tested this site twice and I can say my account is still working fine and I wasn’t suspended or haven’t received any warnings for the game.

Once you have gather 6 crew members which are powerful. You can easily progress with the game as you will be able to clear quests much easier compared when you just along or have 1-2 crew mates.

There are also tandem attacks where you will be able to attack using all of your characters simultaneously making serious damage to your opponent. This can be used when there’s a connection with the crew members you are using. Let’s say all of your crew are strawhat pirates then Tandem attack can be used easily.

Other cool feature is that you will be able to invite guest crew member that can assist you in game using friend points which can also accumulated in the game. To know more about this addictive game, go to your mobile PlayStore/AppStore and search for “One Piece Treasure Cruise”, download it and see you on the game. If you are a 100% One Piece fanatic, you’ll definitely love this game.

What Is You Reason for Playing Video Games?


A person who plays a game have their own reasons. Whether as a relaxation tool to free their-selves from stress, other treat gaming as their passion, or simply you just want to have a bonding with your friend, or compete to them beating their overall score or rankings, divisions, etc.

On the other hand, there are gamers who only feel to play selected game genre, some love first person shooting games, while other likes role playing games. There are also gamers who are just interested with mind games or puzzle games. How about you? what kind of gamer are you?

Playing video games in your smartphone, in your computer or laptop, or in your tv screen has a very simple purpose and that’s to relax your brain from certain reason. It could be stress from school, stress from work, or you just want to play to make your brain more productive.

According to studies, playing games in all sort have health benefits. Like for instance when I feel stressed at my work, I just play 1-2 hours and after that I feel refreshed and as is I can continue on my working schedule and be more productive because my mind was already relax and I can use my brain to a greater extent.

While other gamers treat this as their passion and many of the gamers are earning a huge amount of money by competing on their respective league, such as tournament like the popular game DOTA 2, League of Legends, where in they compete for other countries and win huge prizes.

Majority of the contestants are age 15-20 and they are actually in high school or college but because of their passion for gaming, they have seen great potential and awesome decision-making skills through-out the game.

Let me know what’s the reason you play games? If you have very interesting ideas to share just contact me using the contact us page or just leave a comment down below and I would be happy to share your story here in my blog.